I met that One

What Is That Call?

In the silence of this waking dream
what is the call of all hearts echoing?
A momentís release to sigh and go deeper.
Another chance to feel the real ease beneath
the busy oneís searching, an attempt at having
a taste of the final desire, yet already here.
A wondering is met by formless love longing to know,
to live in this world and become the embrace of Home,
the body of ecstasy, here!
Tell someone who will tell someone,
who will tell someone:
"No more veils between longing and loving,
this world or that one."
Only humans have doubted
what has already happened.
Yell it from up on a mountain:
"Only One!"
"Only One!"
Lighter! "One"
Laugh inside the silence forever.
Cry in celebration for all about which we were wrong.
A silent Remembrance singing through all.
Another voice through another song.
What is that Call?
I can only answer with my life...

Matisha ~*~ 1996
© 1996 Matisha
(from the The Beloved's Gaze)


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