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We Come from The House of Love

We come from the House of Love.
We are wrapped in the full embrace,
before we begin to breathe this world.
The gaze of the infant self
is the gaze of the infinite self--it holds
the ocean of all loving.

Fear is the cheap substitute learned in this world.
It lives through the pretense that something is more powerful,
more important than love.
When the soul is drenched once again in the nectar of that embrace,
every breath is given, is for feeling that more.

When love shows us how
there is no confusion that in loving, no one is hurt.
Love, is showing us how.
It is our own self we experience running from,
reaching for, or being held in the embrace.
It is our own hurt we experience from believing in
and following another master.

What hurts is attempting to hold love within boundaries.
That one, like the banks of a river is expanded, widened,
until it allows for all that is coming.
Prepare yourself--all is coming.

Self-forgiveness grows into deep compassion.
Self-forgiveness grows from deep compassion--
the next step, the seed of all becoming...

Remember, we come from The House of Love.

Matisha * 13 April, 1999
© 1999 Matisha
(from The Embrace)

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