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This Is To You

This is to you,
heart of love’s soaring flight,
sky-color of essence unfolding...

Moments like these are timeless blessings of a silent union,
a union whose song is heard throughout the universe.
Oh Beloved! Dissolve any tendency to see another.
Only One in all this feeling and seeing,
hearing, breathing and being.
It is more precious than
any of us know,
this living
we have.
I am
to be the love,
beauty and radiance
I have searched for in countless
eyes, sunsets, worlds. No sooner had I
given up, surrendered being here, than I heard
that song of Home resound through me, and your face
became the brightest light in the night sky. This is just how it is.
Once unreachable peaks--now valleys, where we meet
the ones we already love.

Matisha ~*~ 1997
© 1997 Matisha
(from the The Beloved's Gaze)

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