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The Opening

Here in this invitation to awaken
in the Embrace of One holding all

The opening experienced by each soul,
that alignment refined by the intensity
of the soul's "Yes!" to The New.

All opening forms the pathways through which
the most joyous dreams unfold as tangible experience.
The inner urgings within one's heart and mind,
are the seeds of potentiality giving rise
to the fullness of Love's Vast Presence
throughout the human family and all life...

The opening, a Quantum leap in consciousness...
If you are reading this,
there is something within your makeup that is both
calling and answering the Deeper Call...
This comes as a Welcome and Gratitude for beaming
the precious gift of your essence
within the Sea of Life from which
and through which all have their being...

A constancy of Love and Beauty blesses
through your every breath
in accordance with the depth of gratitude
through which the moments of your living find expression...

All BlesSings on the way...

Matisha ~ 15 March, 2001
1997 Matisha

Poem by MatishaA Gratitude

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