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The Dream of Union

Here in this current of loving
that knows no ceasing, the ever-increasing waves of feeling
have brought me to the threshold of madness.
My soul's pulling, my heart's pulsing,
unbearable for so much of what I thought was me.

I go beyond the point of breaking and find essence of willow
inside my body, inside my breath.
This journey around the wheel...
Surrender returns comfort.

Breathing the memory of you, until you appear again.
My only hope, The Dream of Union -- still drenched in rich, swirling color,
I look different to the people in the cities here.
I look differently at the people here.

Can you hear the silence through all these words?
Its song is the current of our essence within form.

Do you know I am with you?
In your dream body I see you looking for me.

I am inside the embrace of the One holding you.
I am you being held, holding.
I am within this next breath -- you breathe
to feel the fullness of this very moment.
You are this breathing in me...

Matisha ~ 29 June, 1999
1999 Matisha

Poem by Matisha, from The EmbraceOur Breath Becomes Our Story

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