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Home is the feeling, the essence-breath of being
immersed and merged in this Embrace with you.
Home is the center from which we enter
Breathing now, this fragrance of our every moment...

Matisha ~ 2 May, 2002

When you meet that One in this world
your eyes will take on the Belovedís Gaze,
in all eyes, windows to a deeper remembrance.
The meeting, a moment--the embrace forever here
in all you touch, an invitation to a deeper Home.

Matisha ~ 1997
from The Beloved's Gaze

It is said that heaven and earth meet at dusk.
A messenger of the future;
sunset dances new colors into being.
Kissing todayís horizon,
it blushes with the feeling of two worlds merging.
This Union can only be said by Seeing...

Matisha ~ 1997
from The Beloved's Gaze

Let your words
cease to hold back
the silence
your heart is singing

Matisha ~ 1997
from The Embrace

It is written in the stars
Every soul who calls returns to know
It is written in the stars
Every soul who calls returns to show
the Boundless Loving One within all life...

Matisha ~ 7 June, 1998

Love shows me how
to see with my heart.
By the light in your eyes
I remember.

Matisha ~ 1997
from The Beloved's Gaze

It has been years since I saw you
in that dream-like experience.
Formless Love made us in its delight at being,
brought us together in our being delighted!

Matisha ~ 1997
The Beloved's Gaze

Open to the Beloved,
mirrored to you through all eyes,
every heart,
all voices singing the One song.
Open, and let the family of those everyday moments
feel the richness always here.

Ordinary moments fall away
in the presence of this current.
Let them fall and become compost, soil of tomorrow,
out of which grows
the soul's garden
of the Beloved's Embrace.

Matisha ~ 1999
The Embrace

Once I looked in those eyes
and felt the touch of that one,
I opened like never before,
at a depth I had not known.
Now I can feel that touch in every touch,
see that One, looking back through all eyes.

Matisha ~ 1999
The Embrace

Come closer.
Come closer. Close enough to feel loveís one intent

Listen deeper.
Deep enough to hear the song of the butterfly
the moment it becomes that.

Matisha ~ 1997
The Beloved's Gaze

Parts of me have been reluctant to open
they have had an agenda
they think they know how it's going to be
in this love they seek.

Our moments together,

     looking in those eyes, feeling that touch.

The melodic song of your voice in my ear.

     These precious moments together,

our embrace--this constant conversation...

I love that you are here inside.

Your voice, the song carrying me

deeper into this embrace...

I love the dance

between our souls

of weaving breath into song into sigh,

into silence.

You came in a dream
now your eyes look through me;
no veil before love for love to see.
Eyes like that ignite the soul's passion
and all littleness burns up.
Only presence, being
with itself...

Listening inside, a song ringing out clearer than all others... How I'd love to be caressed and held, cherished so completely, as I breathe this sweet air, remembering what it is to love without limits and feel forever in each touch... When I awoke, I awoke laughing at how I had missed the held.

Allow it to happen
you say you want it
you even give classes on how others can attain it
give yourself the chance, give yourself the chances to be
the way you give those other ones such generous opportunities
to find themselves
already completely held
allow it to happen, let that finding find its way
into your everyday life

When you have a heart that is tuned to truth,
you will hear what is being said in the tones,
and underneath the tones, within the words,
the sounds coming forth, the pauses, the all
of that you will hear what each soul is saying
in every me, please love me.

(Translations from the Dog Star - Sirius relationships)

He said of his love for her:
Let me know if you are truly "with" our loving.
I'm not interested in barking up your tree
unless you are singing harmony to that song,
and singing your own.

(Translations from the Dog Star - Sirius relationships)

Poem by MatishaThe Familiar Eye