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Our Story Is In Every Breath

Our story is in every breath.
With each glance a realm of beauty is opened,
I have yet to explore.
Let's explore together.

Some thought I was content to be where I was.
Your effulgence has drawn me out of a sleep,
where I dreamt I was with you.
To be sure I am not dreaming,
you don't need to pinch me. Instead, kiss me.

I will feel my way with that touch.
Your lips, the silent song of union.
The rhythmic dance of our souls
invites all to awaken and be free.

I have so much to tell you.
So much to give you and embrace with you.
Our story is in every breath.
A song of the entire journey.

That's it. I can only “sing” the blessing you are
in the sky of my heart.
I know no way for all of this inside me to be clothed in words
though, I will sing every day until all I am lives
in the forever wakefulness of full freedom.

All I's meet in the moments born of our togetherness.
Oh this love, fragrance from a dream.
I have so much to tell you, to say,
yet all I can do is look at you.

Our breath becomes our story...

Matish ~ 16 July, 2003
(from the poetry book, The Embrace)

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© 2003 Matisha

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