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On The Journey

What a gift to have a friend like you.
You express so clearly, purely from your inner depths,
the seed-core of your experience.
So humbly, you communicate yourself with a fullness of feeling.
What an honor to know the blessing of your friendship,
kindness and closeness, evermore present across any perceived distance.

I encourage you--breathe the clear light of Home through your every cell.
You are carrier and messenger of that.
Loving Essence as you, transmits so beautifully.
Anyone, in immense fortune to have you along on the journey
as companion, friend, teacher, assistant, lover, beloved one you are.

Separation is painful and the ways it has been replicated
in our relationships can no longer be ignored or avoided.
Any avoidance forms a substitute for the real thing
and inevitably shows up in another moment,
with a slightly different face, (sometimes)
as that nagging self inside that really only wants to come along
on the journey, to be a part of living,
to know the love from whence it came.

Sometimes we have felt as though we failed or fell short
of "how" we are supposed to be.
How we are supposed to be? Hmmm...
Hopefully we look at that with a clarity and inquisitive focus.
Does our acceptance level invite expansive feelings and experiences?

In the midst of the challenge, another challenge: to see the Gift.
To know, feel or even trust that it is there,
amidst all of the feelings.
Those feelings, as a current carrying us deeper in,
where we discover/remember the blessings,
our navigating to and through each and every grand junction.

To the extent we attempt to fit in to something
that does not feel like Home, we may seemingly drift further from joy.
One way to know if something is for us,
is to notice if there is a joy present while partaking in it.
A lightness always accompanies truth.
The truth doesn't hurt, it speeds up evolution.
What hurts is "holding" positionality in the moment change arrives.
What hurts is living any substitute for love.
Holding back our authenticity hurts.

We have all worn the ways of the world to some extent.
How the layers of that substitute life fall away
is dependent on the choices we make.
A key element in the choices we make
comes from accepted beliefs we have.
The accepted beliefs are just that until we have "experience,"
which brings the knowing.
The knowing lives in awareness...still not complete without action.
The marriage of awareness and action
is the soul signature of an integrated being.
All unfolding within and through Loving Essence.

We do this dance with ourselves in life.
Another shows up and we join with them.
Do they join with us?
Is it "our" dance we are dancing?
Is it the dance of the "other" we dance?
Is a new dance born of our togetherness?
Living in a question?

All triggers for re-calling...

Magnetism has both a pull and a push.

Matisha ~ 24 August, 2000
2000 Matisha

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