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into the unknown...

Beloved, destiny has it that we are here.
Only soul knows the design from inside.
How can this longing cease to carry us deeper,
further into the colorful ocean of all loving?

What we feel, this moment, surrendered sighs
match in color, the light through these eyes.

From the human self, only a looking.

Call on deeper vision, essence quivering with memory,
the crytalline stamen and pistil at the heart
of the innermost flowering of being.

Magnetic song attracts its mention.
Form manifesting through attention.
Gift to all, in enfolding, in intention.

We are pulled and the pulling, the pulsing glow
from the One Full Radiance,
this magnetic song in which we grow...

Matisha * July 10, 2000
2000 Matisha

Countless Blessings & Already Within

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