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The Inexplicable Union

I spent years preparing myself to meet you
so when we came together I would be my full Self.
Many of the experiences I had
left me sore, anxious and afraid.

See through the disguise I wore so long
I forgot it still covered who I am.
Loveís fire burns away the external shell of belief
and we recognize each other.
The love star rises--sky full of blessings rain down,
each one a blossom of another part returning.

Bow down and kiss the earth with me.
Be humbled and held through each storm
that brings nourishment to the soulís desert of lost love.
Give not one moment or breath to
seeing through the same eyes with which you have
seen all others and all other moments.

There is no frame you know of in which to put such a love.
Your trust is the only friend who can open the door,
the only friend who will open that door.
When you do, a flood of feeling will overcome you.
Do not compare this to anything.
You have been touched by The Friend.

Nothing will make sense
but the inexplicable union that is!

© 1998 Matisha

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