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In This Breath

I sit here and gaze in eyes I have never seen
in order to find you.
I wait by a stream, listening to the conversation
for which there is no earthly translation.

I have not reached out for you for some time.
My reaching has been inward, where a fountain grows.
Mist forms the constant rainbow between souls
in tearful embrace and the sunshine of Homecoming.

What ever we think is being said -- there is more.
What ever we think we hear, we carry with us.
What ever I think you are saying
only covers the true message.

Listen again, ask again and again, "What is that?"
Be like a fool, willing to repeat the same question
over and over. Like a fool, have that deeper listening.
That listening few even notice is present.

Of the fool, most would only ask how one so wild could
be "aware" of any truth, depth or sacred presence.
The fool "lives" in that palace/place, so immersed
that to be crazed is the way joy takes over,
replicating itself in every motion and breath.

Let go into this unbridled present.
Feel what is coming in this breath,
in this one, and the next...

Matisha ~ March 27, 1999
1999 Matisha

Poem by Matisha, from The EmbraceCloser

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