Poem by MatishaThis Heaven Smiles Back

From Here to That Embrace

Since that golden morning
and years of looking without finding,
love substituted for the temporal that cannot satisfy,
save only through appearances, appearances that dissolve
in the presence of just one who chooses living.
Into many moments alone, went she,
many glances followed her every movement.
The ignored self hoping to believe
"this is real, this has substance"
yet, every night after brief moments of attention,
no one there and not even her with herself,
for she left her heart at the doorway
where her longing was substituted for an empty touch.
Every night, there she was like a leaf upon the ocean currents,
wondering what she left behind.
Her every question, already answered in the mirror,
the mirror that doesn't speak to or touch her
in the place she lives.
The longest journey...and shortest distance:
from here to that Embrace yet, right here.
Looking into many eyes yet,
none returning the gaze of that One,
that One living inside each breath-giving moment,
each breath-giving sigh.

Matisha ~ 10 June, 2001
2001 Matisha


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