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Fragrance of The Friend

Before the crystal palace of dreaming

breathing the fragrance of The Friend...

Now, before her...all within me mirrored back

with the sparkle of deep compassion for all the ways

my little resistances have held me from feeling held.

"Still, you are held dear one"

she says with song shimmering in her eyes.

Continuing to sing my heart,

she went on to tell me how our love

and the mere fact that we are together transforms us

on deep soul levels, in ways we have only imagined.

All these moments, all the reaching, wanting, everything

is part of the transformation...all experience

brings us to the place inside

where truth and love reside so powerfully,

so completely pure and untouched.

The fragrance of The Friend

is filling this garden and restoring sight

to all who awaken here.

2004 Matisha

Poem by MatishaThe Face of Love

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