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For Those of Loving Essence...
Fall Back In

If you've fallen out of the feeling,
If what you have been doing
does not bring you what you desire
If your heart has been aching
If you do not remember your deepest desire
If your mind has been busy making up things
with a restlessness of one who has great energy though,
no direction, real inspiration, or knowing of purpose

If what I am saying here has your attention
and a feeling tells you there is more, clearly more
then follow that wave to a friendly shore,
where showering blessings meet your every longing for,
your every dream
The world of words and worries
has weighed heavily upon the soul
There is in this moment a Call that awakens the parts of self,
that were habitually sleeping

If you have fallen out of love with yourself
If the images in your mind of what life can be
do not match with what you are living
If you have fallen out of Love with your Self
If you have been living out another's dream
If your passion for living has been buried beneath
a struggle to "make a living"

You have more company than you might imagine
No consolation intended in that
Let your spirit focus through a lense of clarity
fashioned by a passion burning high
If your passion comes only through pain or suffering,
ride that wave deeper
If from loving and giving...there is your wave
There is a resting place somewhere
beneath the layers of belief and judgment

Call out with all your might
Imagine One Listening...ONE Listening
Let your voice be caught up in a constant prayer-song
Remember, prayer is much more
than what many have shown
The Gift: Breathing the having within the longing
From first light through the day, birdsong fills the air
a song of delight into the night
Delight is in the "expressing of,"
not only in "what" is being expressed

Everything reversed may be the perfect medicine
Play with that thought
If you have fallen out of the "feeling" of being life
Fall Back In with every breath
Let your guidance be conscious presence,
the unfolding of every moment
Follow your essence back to itself
No following another...
inevitably bringing you to their Home
Squeeze the feeling in this and every message given.
Only those with ears to hear will hum the tune of this Return
Sing that!
Only those with ears to hear will hum the tune of this Return

Those who embrace and those who push away...
There is room for all response.
The "you" spoken of here is the "you" I am
looking back in the mirror all the while
forming these words with the very "reaching for..."
I am another your Self

Matisha ~ 9 August, 2000
2000 Matisha

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