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The Face of Love

It's cold and foggy at the beach now,
reflective and analogous of this whole situation
and how focussing on something brings more focus and belief
that it is more powerful than it is, more powerful than love.

On this line I was going to write remains in the silence...

The burning in my heart and soul
is all that is keeping me warm...
how I (once again) so long to feel that One,
to look in those eyes that bless,
and surrender to that touch
that carries me across the threshold of madness
into sweet, blissful union with the One in all!

I want to fly a plane overhead
with words trailing that read:
"There is nothing more important than love,
because in Truth there is nothing other than love,
a reaching for or being held in that."

I met the Beloved in form and was turned inside out,
so sensitive, so raw and the feeling of sweet helplessness
in the Face of True Love...
I sang spontaneous songs of presence and feelings
deeper than I had ever known with another.
Spontaneous poetry issued forth through these lips,
these lips that delight in touching
the lips of one whose voice
dances as the song of my heart.
Out of control and free again as my Self...
bewildered in Love's Current.

Still the patterns of old, that pseudo-protection stirred.
My little self terrified of liberation
from the familiar, prized fear and pain.
My heart and soul calling out to Breathe allegiance to Truth
rather than subtle denial (a choice of those not so clever)
yielding such obvious outcomes.

She loves me, it's true...IT IS TRUE!
And yet now I pray with all the Angels...
help this Dear One with her allegiance
to Breathe toward, into and through
the Presence holding her so that all is clarified
and seen as it truly is,
not as it was or as the little self
might 'choose to fear' it could be.

This is my prayer for myself everyone.
Truth's flame, steady...arching, ever-dancing...
Love's Fire, burning away the ineffectual,
all that doesn't matter
in the Face of Love.
It is purifying all, each one to awaken and see
we are the Face of Love in this world.
I believed. I me God.

Thank you for listening, for glistening
as the Beloved here in this world!

More than anything, more than love
your Eternal Friend,


2004 Matisha

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