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Don't Settle...

Donít settle for one who has settled for settling,
                        one who has substituted
                             their own wholeness
                                  with a searching for it, in others.

  The lover in you
           would grow weary
                                 and lonesome
                                                         with one such as this.

             that one in yourself
   who sustained
                    countless wounds
                                        and came out stronger,
that one who lives
                    to tell with her living,
     loveís secret,
          the secret that kept you
               coming back to give yourself
 one more chance
                              to have the longing
                                                   be met by pure,
      full loving.
Call yourself back
                        until pure, full loving
                                        is your every breath,
                                                            a song of Home
                                                                                for all listening...

Matisha ~ April, 1997
© 1997 Matisha

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